Plan Participants

Plan Participants

For generations, retirees relied on Social Security and pension income to sustain them during their retirement years. In recent decades, however, a decreasing number of Americans are remaining with a company long enough to receive a significant pension, and Social Security alone, or combined with pension benefits, is likely to fall far short of the resources retirees will need to support their current lifestyles. As a result, many Americans preparing for or entering retirement have discovered that they will have to depend heavily on their own, personal retirement savings as well.

In addition, due to advances in healthcare and trends toward healthier living, Americans are living longer into their retirement years, requiring greater savings than ever before.  And, living longer during your retirement years means not only that you could outlive your retirement savings but also that inflation will have a greater impact on your purchasing power during those years.

All of these reasons point to why – if your employer offers a corporate retirement plan – it’s so important to leverage that plan to help you have control of your financial future.

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We understand that the key to successful financial planning lies in listening more than we speak. That’s why it’s so important to us to develop a strong relationship with each of our clients, one that is built on transparency and trust. We’ll match the most appropriate investment opportunity to your goals.