Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors

EHD Advisory Services offers a comprehensive suite of corporate retirement services and works with plan sponsors to ensure that you’re properly positioned to deliver high-quality investment products and services to your plan participants.

We also work with you to establish the benchmarking criteria, documentation, and tools you’ll need to monitor, evaluate, and improve your retirement offerings, while achieving compliance of regulatory and fiduciary standards.

Fiduciary Support & Education

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In a complex regulatory climate that includes increasing scrutiny of plan sponsors’ compliance with fiduciary standards, EHD Advisory Services offers support and educational resources to help you mitigate employer liability.

We’ll work with you to develop plan policies, procedures, and documentation that meet or exceed your fiduciary obligations to serve your employees and protect you and your business or organization from non-compliance.

Provider Analysis & Benchmarking

With concerns over potential ERISA violations for corporate retirement plans demanding increased regulatory oversight, EHD Advisory Services offers plan sponsors the benchmarking options and analysis you need to choose, monitor, and evaluate your retirement plan provider.

Based on our extensive experience in managing corporate retirement plans and services, we’ll evaluate your company’s current provider and investment portfolio and, as needed, make recommendations to improve your current levels of service, support, cost, and compliance. 

Investment Due Diligence

EHD Advisory Services works with retirement plan sponsors to develop and implement strategies for due diligence as well as to create and sustain the supporting documentation you need to ensure compliance with a fiduciary standard. 

We’ll help you develop the necessary policies and procedures and work with you to draft your company’s investment policy statement (ISP). Then, based on benchmarking data, we’ll routinely evaluate the composition and performance of your investment portfolio to ensure that it not only meets the objectives outlined in your ISP but also minimizes your company’s exposure to fiduciary liability.

Plan Design Consultation

Before developing a retirement plan program for your employees, EDH Advisory Services gets to know you and your organization. We consider the demographics of your work force as well as your organizational culture. Then, we work with you to develop a plan that not only meets all required regulatory and fiduciary standards but also aligns with your corporate goals and objectives and provides value to your employees.