Financial Wellness Workshops

Financial Wellness Workshops

44% of employers believe that offering some additional guidance on handling finances will decrease the time employees spend at work tending to financial issues.1

64% of U.S. workers say finances are their main source of stress.2

Employers are increasingly seeking to offer holistic financial education that benefits both the employees and the company itself. Financial wellness programs not only help participants save for retirement and improve workplace productivity, but they also can decrease related health care costs for employers.

Employers recognize the potential benefits of "financially fit" employees—less stress can improve productivity, and increased retirement readiness can help reduce the need for older workers (heavier users of health care services) to continue working.

Financial wellness needs to go beyond traditional 401(k) education. Employees will appreciate and respond positively to a more holistic financial education that is relevant to their unique needs—such as paying down debt, saving for college, or living within a budget.

Through our strategic partnerships, we can deliver financial wellness programs covering a broad array of topics from budgeting and understanding retirement needs to creating a will and navigating Medicare supplements. We can evaluate your needs for financial wellness across your organization and select solutions tailored to those needs.

You can view more information on our Workshops throughout the year.

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2) 2014 American Psychological Association’s "Stress in America" Survey